Technical information

Research and Development of Metal Powder and Foil

FUKUDA has two departments that are constantly developing metal foils and powders. One department performs the research and development of products and applications based on existing metal foils and powders and the other researches and develops various metal foils and powders related to new products and applications.

Research and Development of Metal Powder

Various metal powders for powder metallurgy, fine copper and silver powders produced by high-pressure water atomization, metal powders for paints and catalysts, SILCOAT for conductive materials, FUKUDALLOY for hardfacing and brazing materials, and copper nanoparticles.

Research and Development of Metal Foil

Copper foils for printed circuit boards (electrodeposited (or ED) copper foils for multilayer circuit boards, rolled and ED copper foils for flexible circuit boards, ultra-thin copper foils, and thick copper foils), and copper foils for lithium-ion batteries.

Research and Development of Other New Products and New Applications

New applications, such as spherical metal powders for electronic materials, various types of metal powders and nanoparticles including copper and silver powders for conductive materials, metal foils for batteries, new alloy materials for aircraft, and metal foils for fuel cells. Also engaged in market development activities.