Metal Stylist
FUKUDA is a “Metal stylist”, designing the internal structure and surface morphology of metal foils and powders.
We contribute to industry and society by developing ever thinner and finer metal materials.
Metal Powder
With over 1,000 types of metal powders and a full range of research and development capabilities available,
from fundamental research to application development,
FUKUDA is able to partner with those in a wide variety of industry fields to satisfy a diverse range of needs.
Metal Foil
Utilizing our experience as Japan's first producer of ED copper foil,
FUKUDA succeeded in producing ED copper foil for printed circuit boards in 1956.
Since then, based our expertise in metals, our metal foils have been used for a wide range of applications
ranging from packaging and building materials to electronic materials.

Product Information

Used extensively in IT devices, consumer electronics, automobiles, pigments and paints, and household items, metal powders and foils support our modern lifestyles in a wide variety of ways.
As a metal powder and foil specialist, FUKUDA offers the best products available.

Business Profile

Expanding Businesses in a Wide Range of Industrial Fields by Developing New Materials and Applications