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Supplying High-Performance Materials to a Wide Range of Industrial Fields

Metal foil-related products are important materials indispensable in various industrial fields.
As a metal foil manufacturer, FUKUDA handles a wide variety of metal foils and is constantly developing new products by combining materials with manufacturing and processing technologies.

Printed Circuit Board Materials

In the field of Printed Circuit Board Materials, FUKUDA utilizes its own unique technology cultivated through experience to supply world's highest level quality ED and rolled copper foils throughout the world.

Energy Storage Devices

In the field of Printed Circuit Board Materials, FUKUDA utilizes its own unique technology cultivated through experience to supply world's highest level quality electrodeposited (ED) copper foils and rolled copper foils throughout the world.

Packaging Materials

In the field of packaging materials, FUKUDA provides a stable supply of PTP-related materials and medical packaging materials to many pharmaceutical companies. In the construction materials field, FUKUDA supplies decorative aluminum panels in small lots delivered within a short period.

Printed Circuit Board Materials

ED Copper FoilRolled Copper FoilNickel foil

Fukuda meets diverse needs with a wide range of products, including ultra-thin copper foil, thick copper foil for heat dissipation, and copper foil with excellent transmission characteristics and flexibility.

Packaging Materials

Aluminum foilFilms

FUKUDA offers various film products mainly for lidding foils and films for PTP packaging, laminates, and other pharmaceutical packaging, but also for electronic parts and various other applications, compositions, and forms of packaging materials. Plain aluminum foil is also available as raw materials.


FUKUDA offers various pharmaceutical packaging materials, such as for PTP (press-through package), Stick packs, and Pillows.


FUKUDA offers various high-performance packaging materials that are manufactured in a carefully controlled clean environment for delicate electronic devices and semiconductors.

Electronics Materials

ED Copper FoilNickel foilAluminum foilFilms

Electro-deposited nickel foil and other metal foils, plating of different metals to improve corrosion and chemical resistance and open hole processing using our proprietary method, Fukuda offers a wide variety of products.

Plain Foils

In addition to plain aluminum and copper foils for capacitor and rechargeable battery current collectors, FUKUDA also offers a wide range of metal foils to meet a wide variety of other applications, such as nickel and titanium foils with high durability.

Plated Foils

Foil properties can be enhanced by plating foils with a different type of metal. In addition to a broad range of precision plating options, plating technologies can also be used to modify foil surfaces.

Perforated Foils

Perforated foils made by proprietary production methods that offer superior precision and productivity offer a combination of permeability, low weight, and economy.

Construction and Multipurpose Materials

Due to their beautiful exterior and easy workability, these construction panels are used as a general construction material for doors, retail space interiors, and as a railing infill material. FUKUDA offers a variety of multipurpose materials to suit various customer requirements, such as prefabricated building materials, vehicle panels, cleanroom materials, tool boxes, and shielding materials.

Signage and Display Materials

Various signage and display materials are available that offer light weight, easy workability, and superior aesthetic design. Different base metal materials, mirrored materials, whiteboards, and polycarbonate materials are also available, depending on customer requirements.