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Offering Over 1,000 Metal Powder Products for Satisfying Various Needs a Customer May Have

With over 1,000 types of metal powders and a full range of research and development capabilities available, from fundamental research to application development, FUKUDA is able to be the best partner for you with those in a wide variety of industry fields to satisfy a diverse range of needs.

Available for Either Small-Lot or Large-Volume Production

FUKUDA is involved in developing and manufacturing metal powders for a variety of applications and, as a metal powder manufacturer, offers highly efficient production capabilities, especially using pulverizing, electrodeposition, and atomization methods. In particular, the Shiga Factory is equipped with a variety of melting furnaces, large and small, and boasts one of the highest production capacities in the world for meeting a wide range of needs, from small-lot high-variety production to large scale mass production.

Particle Size Distributions Optimized for Customer Production Environments

The particle size distribution is an important property of metal powders and a critical factor for determining the uniformity of products. Therefore, FUKUDA offers materials optimized for various applications and production environments. FUKUDA's high precision technologies and cumulative expertise ensure an ideal particle size distribution.

Powder Metallurgy Materials

FUKUDA supplies a wide range of powder metallurgy materials, from copper and tin powders to bronze or other alloyed or premixed powders. These powders are commonly used as raw materials for oil-impregnated bearings or sintered machinery parts used in automotive engines and consumer electronics.

Conductive Materials

Fine silver powder produced using a proprietary chemical reduction method and paints manufactured from this silver powder are widely supplied as a conductive material under the brand name SILCOAT.


FUKUDA bronze powder products are alloy powders consisting mainly of copper and zinc. These products are used as pigments in various printing inks, textile printing, paints, and synthetic polymers. For some applications, they are also offered in paste form.


FUKUDA supplies copper, copper alloy, zinc, nickel, alloy, and various other metal powders as catalyst materials produced using sophisticated manufacturing methods and carefully selected by type and shape for a variety of fields and applications.

Additive Manufacturing Materials

Copper powders and copper alloy powders with excellent flowability are expected to be applied to conductive parts and heat dissipation parts made by the metal additive manufacturing.

Hardfacing and Bonding Materials

Marketed under the FUKUDALLOY brand, these hardfacing and bonding materials are used for chemical plant valves, engine valves, and injection molding machine screw cylinders, for the thermal spraying of boiler tubes, and also for brazing stainless steel heat exchanger joints.

Sliding Materials

Copper-lead, copper-tin-lead, and other alloy powders are supplied as ingredients for sliding-surface materials applied to a steel backing plate used for automotive and construction machinery bearings.

Friction Materials

Copper, copper alloy and tin powders are supplied as a friction material used in brakes for automobiles and construction machinery.

Carbon Brush Materials

Copper, silver, and other powders are supplied as a raw material for carbon brushes used in various motors for automobiles, consumer electronic products, and other applications.