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Corporate Compliance Measures - Help Desk -Corporate Social Responsibility Activities

FUKUDA has established an internal system to ensure compliance with laws and regulations, internal rules, and the morals of a member of society.

Compliance Help Desks

FUKUDA has established help desks within and outside FUKUDA for reporting or inquiring about possible legal or regulatory violations, fraud, serious violations of internal regulations, or any other compliance problems.

Methods for Operating Help Desks and Responding to Reports/Inquiries

  1. If the person contacting the help desk is somehow involved in a FUKUDA Group business, they are free to inquire/report about a broad range of issues.
  2. The information received from people contacting the help desk shall only be used to the extent necessary for investigating issues related to the inquire/report and shall not be used for any other purpose.
  3. The fact that a person contacted the help desk shall not be used as a reason for implementing measures disadvantageous to that person. However, the above does not apply if the person contacted the help desk for the purpose of slander, personal profit, or other such reasons.
  4. Inquiries and reports to the help desk shall be treated with sincerity and appropriately in an effort to improve the corporate compliance level within the FUKUDA Group.

Contacting the Help Desk

Internal Help Desk

General Administration Department, Fukuda Metal Foil & Powder Co., Ltd.

Email address:

External Help Desk

Contact Lawyer Tomoyuki Ito at the Ashida Law Office.

Email address:

Include the following information in emails.

  1. Clearly indicate you are contacting the FUKUDA Metal help desk.
  2. Clearly indicate your name and the company where you work.

Request to Those Contacting the Help Desks

Please use your real name.

If requested, inquiries using a pseudonym will be accepted, but doing so could prevent proper investigation, such as gathering adequate evidence and confirming facts. Furthermore, it also limits the corrective actions that can be implemented and prevents following up with a response about investigation results, measures to prevent recurrence, and so on.

To contact the help desk, send an email to one of the help desk email addresses indicated below.